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Plumosa School of the Arts November Winners

Roots and Wings travelled to Plumosa School of the Arts this morning to present their Above and Beyond awards. We first presented the plaque of last year’s winners to Principal Reynolds. We were introduced to the new Assistant Principal Permenter who participated with us as we walked the school to present the awards. We even had a new member of the community join us today at Plumosa. We visited the Music Room, the Dance Studio, and the Media Center that contains Plumosa’s TV Production Studio. All the walls throughout the school are filled with the wonderful art of Plumosa students of all ages. Students of all the award winners were eager to tell us why their teacher was so great. One teacher had taught most of the students in another grade several years before, and was now teaching many of the same students again! We presented the Above and Beyond Awards while students clapped their approval. What a wonderful time it was!