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Project Uplift

Summer Program

Roots and Wings is pleased to initiate this summer to make a difference in young children’s lives through a special gift to the Achievement Center to financially support 25 elementary students at Pine Grove with scholarships so that they can be a part of a summer program. Generous contributions have allowed Roots and Wings to be able to accomplish this. It is our hope that having these children actively involved during the summer will help them when school starts again in the fall.

School Year Program

Roots and Wings is initiating a Program to help children in the third grade with Reading and Reading Comprehension. As many of you know, third graders need to pass a reading test to move on to the fourth grade. This Project is aimed at selected new 3rd graders who have been identified by teachers as needing help to pass that test at the end of the year as well as current 3rd grade students who were not able to move on to the 4th grade due to their inability to pass that test. This program will be initiated at Pine Grove for the 2017 school year, but it is our hope that we will be able to expand its reach with additional gifting and support. It is an after-school program which lasts an hour three times a week. It focuses solely on reading and reading comprehension. Students are encouraged to apply based on their needs, but it is strictly a program for which the student applies and is accepted. Since the program is voluntary, we are able to help those that really want the help. We only want those in the program that will focus on improving their skills through hard work and extra dedication with the help of trained professionals. The teachers are selected from Pine Grove’s teachers who are willing to spend this time in an after school setting that only focuses on reading and reading comprehension. The program will be able to quantitatively measure improvement in the students